Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calling Bob the Builder! Calling Bob the Builder!

I went to my pal Erin's place for the day yesterday.
Left at 9:30.
Came back at 5:30.
Came back to a little surprise in my kitchen and dining room.
The surprise?
They were flooded.
The culprit?

I have no freakin' idea how that happened.
It was fine when I left.
It cracked from top to bottom at some point during the day.
So the tank leaked out...
But kept refilling itself.
So it kept on leaking, and leaking, and leaking.

I came home to 1 inch of water in my kitchen, a little less in my dining room.
Those rooms are below the bathroom.
Sean's bedroom, which shares a wall with the bathroom, got damage too.
So did the basement.
Luckily, none of my scrapbooking stuff or other important stuff was touched, other than my scanner/printer.
We were extremely lucky for that!

The insurance company sent a clean-up crew last night.
They arrived at 9pm and left at 1 am.
Now, there are a lot of these in our house:

Super-duper fans to dry out everything.
Super-duper LOUD fans.
Super-duper fans that make the house unbelievably hot.
And since it's really humid outside, we can't open the windows (because it'll prevent everything from drying properly.)
did I mention we don't have AC?
The fans are here until Friday.
Good times.

What else can you see in my house right now?
Oh yeah.

That's in my kitchen.
And you can see a hole farther down.
That's the dining room.
There's a big a whole in the basement ceiling.
The whole floor in the dining room and living room will have to be redone because it was too damaged.
The floor in Sean's room too.
Ceilings, obviously.
Probably a few walls.
Which means what?
Chances are we'll have to move out until they are done fixing things.
And Sean is starting school on the 28th...

Well, let's look at the good side of things.
I'll finally get my kitchen painted.
And there's a lot of this going on, so it can't be so bad, can it?

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Stacy Milford said...

Oh bummer Claude! I hate to hear that you have all of this damage! Not fun at all! On the bright side, at least it can all be repaired!

deana said...

Not fun... :-(

Lisa Baker said...

Ohhhh Claude, I bet you are feeling really pooped now!!! I am so sorry to read about your'e troubles, good luck with it all. Thanks for your comment and following me.
Big Hugs Lisa.X

Dani said...

Major Huge Hugs!!! I am so sorry y'all are having to go through all that. How crazy! :(

JJ Sobey said...

Ah man - this royally sucks. {{{hugs}}} to you. Wish I could give you one in person. :(

Diana said...

Claude! ugh! good luck with repairs and things. We had a similar thing happen to us, DD decided to flush a WHOLE roll of TP in the toilet, it overflowed for I don't know how long. But long enough to run down the heating vent in the inside of the wall and into the ceiling, yeah not pretty! I was just glad it was summer! SERIOUSLY good luck!!--sending you positive thoughts!

~Caro~ said...

Well, contact your insurance company again, because they should pay you a hotel room until it's all clear. That's what happened to us when we were at the condo.
Also, make sure they really check for any moisture, because that's heaven for mold.
You wanted to repaint and redecorate, now's your chance! ;)

hope you're doing ok. wish you could've come and seen me.

Erin said...

UHH! That photo of the kids makes it all just a bit better! :)
My house, and AC are at your disposal sweetie- just let me know...

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Unfortunately I can totally relate to your water problems. We had a pipe burst in the ceiling right between our kitchen and family room in the middle of the night. Luckily the hubby heard some noise, as I sleep thru everything! I had to listen to those loud fans for days! On the upside we got all of our carpets professionally clean for free.

Congrats on some more SWR pubs and I see you are over on the Cosmo Cricket!
P.S. Glad to hear the scrap stuff was safe!

Fleur-de-Lys said...

'tain, c'est sérieux ! Avec votre voiture à changer en plus, c'est vraiment pas drôle tout ce qui vous arrive :(.

Courage, le vent va tourner et puis vous allez l'avoir dans le dos plutôt qu'en pleine face, à un moment donné... hum !

S'il y a quoi que ce soit qu'on peut faire, fais-nous signe, ok ?