Friday, December 05, 2008

Some toots and a message from Santa!

Finally!!! After having to say "no" to Creating Keepsakes more than a year ago because a layout they requested had already been promised to another mag, they contacted me again! To be honest, I was scared to have been put on a black list... After all, who says no to CK, LOL?! So I'll have a layout in the May 09 issue, with my 3 sweeties on it!

I also got a request from Jane at Scrapbooking & Beyond. I have said it before: she rocks! What a sweet, sweet person! That layout will be in the Summer issue.

I'm also honoured to say I will have layouts in 3 mags coming out this month. If they aren't already out, it should be soon. Two layouts in Style & Scrap (winter), 1 layout in Memory Makers (Jan/Feb 09) and 1 layout in Scrapbooks Etc. (January 09)

Thanks for all the good wishes I have received, you are all so sweet!


On another note, I would like to share with you this message, sent to Sean from Santa Claus himself. Click Here.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Congrats on all your toots girl! You are on a roll!!! I saw your layout in BHG yesterday!Loved it! I was so excited to have one in there too. My first in a very long time with them!

Terri Davenport said...

Congratulations on all your success!

Alycia Sanders said...

wow, how great is that! congratulations!

Lisa said...

congrats on your toots! I have one in ST this month, and in the new Scrapbooks and Cards Today-- the first time I've had two on the newsstands at once! I'm glad you haven't been CK blacklisted! lol.

denine zielinski said...

Congrats on your pubs! Sounds like you are on a roll!

Ash said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of toots! congrats to you :)

Very cute pic of the 2 kiddies with the hats.

barb said...

Congrats to you on all your upcoming pubs! YAY! Your work is beautiful, Claude... I'm so happy for you. :)