Thursday, December 04, 2008

No title

Cute things said recently by Sean, 4 years-old.

-Where's the moon? It's not there. Oh, there's the milky way, and there's the juicy way! :)

-(after the first snowfall) The fall trees (what he'd been calling trees since the leaves fell off) are going to turn into Christmas trees now?

-I'm gonna transform into Gerald McBoingBoing because he's 5 years old. Now I'm Sean because I'm 4!


I'm thrilled because Bella will likely join all of us girls at the pajama crop at Scrapbook Centrale on the 12th!!! Scrapbooking has brought me such great friends!


Here's a layout of Kira back in April 08.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Such cute sayings. Love that you are tracking them on your blog. That layout is adorable and I ADORE that title!

Kim Hughes said...

you are full of super cuteness :)

happydays525 said...

Very cute layout! =)

Suzanne Webb said...

Cute layout, cute little sayings, I hope you put them on a layout some day :)