Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend parties

Yup, this is the weekend of parties. More specifically the weekend of birthday parties. And even more specifically, the weekend of birthday parties with tons of kids 6 and under!!

Today was Ethan's party. He's turning 2 in a few days. Ethan is Erin's oldest. If I'm not mistaken, there were 11 kids there. I've never been to a party with that many kids! It was fun though, no big fights or anything. That's always a plus! ;) Erin had made an awesome Thomas the Train cake. Believe it or not, I didn't take pics of the cake!!!! I'll link you to her blog if/when she posts pics of her own. The kids had tons of fun, Sean didn't want to leave, poor kid. We'll just have to go visit soon!

Tomorrow is Maxime's birthday party, he's turning 6 on the 13th. Maxime is my cousin Sophie's little guy. I think the kids are going to be thrilled to know they are going to another birthday party. Because NO, I'm not crazy, I didn't tell them yet. If I had, there would be tons of "We are going to Maxime's now?" and "Maxime now?" from my little ones and you know what? I'd rather keep my sanity! At 2 and 4, they don't need to know we are going to eat cake and play with new toys until it's time to put on the boots!


On another note, Bella gave me a ticket to go to Fruits et Passion's liquidation sale. I didn't think I'd get anything, because money is tight right now, but the deals were so good, we got a couple of things we'll be able to give as gifts, I got some awesome Cucina soap for JJ (I'll bring it to you on Friday) and I got myself a few 2$ soaps, a Cucina Dolce candle and a linen spray. I got one full-price a few months back. Every morning when I make my bed, I spray my sheets with it. At night, it smells all fresh and clean. Love it! Now I got a grapefruit one, should be yummy! Thanks Bella!


barb said...

Oooooh, how fun! I hope the next party goes as well as the first... I can't wait to see some party pics on your blog! :)

JJ Sobey said...

Thanks Chica! Just let me know how much it was!

Jessica said...

Hope you have fun at the parties!
I cant believe you have layouts in 3 magazines this month, thats amazing. I can still remember the layout you made with Sean at our first crop, it was 8.5x11, with yellow...

whiterabbit75 said...

13 kids to be exact ( you forgot the babies!)
Thanks again for coming! Ethan loved the truck/car you got him so much it ended up traveling to daycare with him on Monday. He's still a bit train obsessed though- can you believe he's insisted on sleeping with Thomas every night, and for naps too?!