Monday, June 19, 2006

random thoughts about scrapbooking

-chatterbox rocks! i love their paper, it's what i enjoy using the most

-can someone tell me what paperkins is???

-when i look at other people's galleries, i find that they are consistently great; mine, on the other hand, has good los and some that really suck... why can't i be consistent?

-i tried freestyle, doesn't really work for me.

-i sometimes use qk or sizzix machines at crops, but i don't see the point of actually owning one

-i want to scrap more about myself, but i litterally feel sick everytime i see a pic of me

-why can't chipboard letters stick well to the page? they always pop off...

-although i think it's cool to be part of a challenge where you make a lo a day, i can't figure out where i would put them all afterwards


~Caro~ said...
that's wghat paperkins are. ;) those paper dolls that were huge 3-4 years ago. *blech*

freestyle ain't for me either. and I hate seeing it everywhere. The new GGs and the new MyMindsEye girls seem to all be freestylin'. humph...

Chiara said...

I like free style but cant do it well. Totally love chatterbox. YUCK paperkins

Anonymous said...

Don't like Paperkins dolls that were around a few years ago....

Chatterbox is my favorite paper of choice! LOVE IT!

Do not like freestyle at all!