Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Top Of The World!

i feel so happy right now, at least when it comes to my scrapbboking life.

first, my mojo is back. it had dissapeared since i became pregnant, what with the fatigue and the nausea. i still don't scrap much, but at least i scrap!!

second, i have a busted printer and i don't mind! i will need a new one soon, because some layouts just ask for printed journaling, but i am loving my handwritting right now. it goes well with what i do. my style is more casual these days, so this works out perfectly. but keith, if you read this, don't think i am saying a new printer is not necessary... it is!!!

third, i got 2 page requests in 2 weeks! first, kerry from cantata contacted me, requesting a page to use as an illustration in a mother goose rhymes book! how cool is that?? then, just today, i got an email from scrapbook and cards today requesting a page for their fall issue. it's about sean's grandparents, so i am thrilled!

yup, i'm still exhausted and throwing up every day, but at least, i am being published, lol!!!


Anonymous said...

gotta love when the mojo comes! have fun scrapping!

chris jenkins said...

congrats on the pubs and is good to always have the mojo!

i am a type aficionado but i am thinking that i dig the handwriting thing more these days

hope your sickness and nausea subsides soon!

have a good weekend!

melissa said...

yay for the mojo reappearing ;) and how cool to have 2 layouts requested!

i have been using my handwritting a lot on my LO's fact my printer is being very neglected lol

hope you feel better soon!