Thursday, March 02, 2006

10 daily habits

so this morning, as always i checked out the blog thread on 2Peas. we were challenged by Sophia to list 10 of our daily habits, things we couldn't go through the day without doing. so here it goes:

1- i wake up. i find that if i don't do that, i tend to have a hard time getting through the day

2- i change sean's diapers. i could *not* do that, but the smell and the wet couch would put me off if i didn't

3- i have coffee. this is not a joking matter, this is serious. give. me. my. coffee. add one pack of sugar twin and a spoonful of hazelnut or french vanilla liquid coffee mate. if you don't, i will hunt you down.

4- i get dressed, or i don't. no rule there. ah, the joys of being a sahm!

5- i scrapbook. for real or in my head, but i always scrapbook one way or another

6- i watch robots attack monsters, and fish make out with sloths... okay, i think i got things mixed up. for more on this, read my blog a few entries down

7- i watch television. life without tv is no life at all. what would i do without my wb? oh, seems i'll find that out next fall!

8- i wait for sean to nap. yup, i spend my entire day waiting for him to nap so that i can ignore housework and lose my time on the computer

9- i use scissors. i've never gone a day without using scissors. how about that...

10- i have coffee. oh, wait did i mention this one already? worth mentioning again

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Andrea Blair said...

Just reading this! So Cute...