Wednesday, March 01, 2006

and so he talks...

by the time he was 11 months old, sean could say "papa" et "maman" very clearly. he said it for a few months, and then we never heard it again. he just stopped saying it. but that's ok, it doesn't matter. we were told by many people, including the doc, that he might talk a little later than other kids because we are a bilingual household. it takes a little more time to process everything. again, that didn't have me worried. as time went on, i could tell he could understand us, both in french and in english. he would react properly to what we said, so i knew he was learning. he also started saying "oh, wow!" whenever he was/is excited about something, and when he shows us something, he says "wazziss?" which i believe is his version of "what's this?". my mom kept telling me "don't worry, they don't all talk at the same age" or "it's harder b/c he is learning 2 languages". she was trying to make it look like she was comforting me about the fact that he wasn't talking yet at 20 months, but i know she was just trying to convince herself, even if only unconsciously... because honestly, i was not worried! still, this morning, i was thrilled when he spoke his first official word!! i was beaming like only a mother can!

keith came home at lunch time to fix a problem on our computer (yup, i made him come home to fix it asap!). sean was in the bath, and when keith left, sean waved bye-bye. when keith was out-of-sight, sean then said "bye-bye". i yelled 'he said "bye-bye", i swear', but whn keith came back, all sean could say was "cadobumba" or whatever other sound came out!! but keith waved bye again and this time, he heard his son, clear as day, say "bye-bye"! we had the biggest smile on our faces, and sean knew we were happy, and he applauded himself! ah, proud parents!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Claude,
This brigs back such sweet memories! Your journaling on all your projects is very much from the heart....It is great! Keep it up and congratulations on teaching your son to be bilingual. What a great asset that will be later in life!