Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Seems everybody is...

All around me, what do I see??? Pregnant ladies!!! Just on the Scrapbook Centrale MB, two girls announced this week that they are expecting. Others on the board have just had babies or are wayyyy out there. My cousin Sophie is due in May.

Gosh, I never knew it could be this hard to see other pregnant women around me. I am thrilled for them, and I am totally in love with DS Sean. But I have more room in my heart. I need it to be filled. For a while, it was... And then BAM!!!, life happened. Now, nothing's happening... I know, I'm being ridiculous, it hasn't been that long. But it still feels like forever!

1 comment:

Tawnya said...

It usually seems to happen that way... does that mean another soon for you too :)?? :)