Saturday, February 11, 2006

New things he does...

Lets see, it seems lately that Sean does more and more things that I want to remember forever! Good thing I made a Sarabinder (for my Scrapbook Centrale DT) to write down all these things. But I want to share with you...

1. He sits on the sofa and then taps next to him to tell me he wants me to sit with him;

2. He gets a kick out of sitting in the wide part of our staircase. Don't know why, he just giggles when he sits down!

3. When he comes out of the bathtub, he runs off all wet, waits for me to lay down the towel, and lies down on it so that I can put on his diaper;

4. When he lies down to nap, he needs Mister giraffe, Sub-Pooch and a blanket my brother Richard and his family gave us for Xmas. He'll then play with the tags on each of them (trust me, a LO will come of this!! I already have a title: Tag Me!!);

5. When I finish a coffee I bought at Tim Horton's, or Second Cup or whatever, he wants me to put milk chocolate in the empty cup for him to drink; I guess he likes drinking his "coffee" like mommy!

There are more, but I can't think straight anymore, I'm really tired!

See my Sarabinder HERE!

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