Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No time for me....

So, maybe I'm a whinner. Maybe not. All I know is that it hit me like a ton of bricks last night that there is no more "me" time, or "our couple" time. I got so used to the routine that I didn't realize it really until last night: there is only "Sean" time.

He is now 20 months old. He wakws up between 7 and 9 AM. Naps once during the day, no more than 30 minutes. And then: night time!!! Not before 10, for sure, mostly between 11 and midnight.

So basically, I wake up when he does. Spend my time with him, b/c he needs me to be with him all the time. I manage to steal about 5 minutes once in a while to scrap, but I can only do it on the corner of the table, and I can't sit down b/c then he'll be all over me. When he naps, I have to take my shower, make the bed, and then I just have the time to check my emails and the message boards on Scrapbook Centrale and Scrapbooking Swede.

Then Keith comes home, we have dinner, play with Sean and then we wait for him to fall asleep. We are never alone together anymore. I thought maybe we could have evenings but nooooooo, mister Sean wont sleep!

When I hear people say: "My kid goes to bed at 8" or "I scrap once the kids are asleep", I'm like "hun????"

Sorry, had to vent!


[ Mélanne ] said...

J'te comprends donc Claude. Quoique Léa se couche un peu plus tôt maintenant. Vers 8h30-9h.

Mais hmmmm, fait-le donc garder une bonne journée et PAYE-TOI la traite royale!! :) Finis ça en souper romantique au resto, cinoche après... et tout et tout ;P


Je sais, c'est plus facile à dire, qu'a faire (faut planifier ces choses-la des mois à l'avance hahaha)

~Caro~ said...

There's a positive side you know... kids grow up hehehe...

Sean is like Etienne, doesn't need a lot of sleep. For his first 5 years, he would go to bed at 11pm because that's what *I* wanted. Turns out it's that he was just adjusting to the way I was living. First I was single and living with only him, and then Stephane was working til 3am. I loved to go to bed late and wake up late, so he followed my routine as well. Since you eat supper around 7pm, you can't really imagine you, or him, going to bed at 8pm, right? It's unthinkable to go to bed an hour after supper, no one is that tired yet. Most kids will want to go to bed about 3 to 4 hours after supper.
You'll see, once he goes to school (it goes by much faster than you think LOL) and he'll HAVE to wake up at a certain time, same time everyday, he will want to eat all his meals earlier and go to bed earlier. And THEN, THEN will you start saying "OMG I CAN HAVE *ME* TIME NOW" *grin*. See, it's 21:23 right now, the 3 have been in bed for about 30minutes and I'm on the computer and will be most of the night (trying to FIX MY BLOG UGH! I can't access it! OMG freak out) ...

So don't despair... it will change! Those first 5 years really eat up a lot of time and energy. And don't forget that Sean, just like my kids were at that age, is very attached to his mommy... so right now you're now breathing much. But I promise you it gets better. I never thought Xavier would 'break' away from me and look how independant he has become! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't wish him to grow too fast ! hehe ! As for me time or hubby time - maybe in 15 yrs ! Just find a minute when you can and make sure you check in to Scarpping Swede lots . We will keep you sane - just not babysit ! hehe