Saturday, January 21, 2006

I made the Scrapbooking Swede DT!!!

So, earlier this month, I casually mention to Caro that I would like to have a second DT. It's always challenging, and I needed a little push. So, what does she say?? "There's a call for a DT at Scrapbooking Swede, if you're interested". Was I?? Sure I was! Caro was just finishing her 'reign' as DT member there (the DT contract if for 6 months to a year) and she said they were a really nice group of people to work with. I didn't want anything cutthroat, so that was interesting to me. So, I submitted 2 layouts and an altered board book, and got the news that I'm in!!! Really cool! I can't wait to get my first box of stuff so that I can start scrapping for them!

Scrapbook Centrale will always be my baby, and I will stay there as long as they'll have me; but it's nice to know someone else want me too! After all, mags aren't that interested in me it seems, LOL!!!


[ Mélanne ] said...

Hey! Congrats Miss!!! You're doing such nice pages...

~Caro~ said...

Congratulations girlllllllie! You rock!

~*~Mélane~*~ said...


This is soooo cool !

Félicitation ma belle ! Bonne chance pour ta nouvelle nomination !

Je suis super contente pour toi !