Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Guys :: Crate Paper

Hello everyone! How are you today? Let me tell you how I am today.

I'm upset at Mother Nature!

You see, there's a french saying that goes: "En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil." Basically, it means that in the month of April, you should not start dressing like it's spring because you might get quite a surprise. Well, today is that day. Snow. Yes, I said snow! On April 27th. *sigh* Okay, to be fair, it's wet snow, so it doesn't stay on the ground, but still... It's a bummer! Glad I hadn't put the kids' winter stuff away!

On a happier note, I get to share a layout with you. Of all the stuff that came out at CHA winter, the "Brooke" collection from Crate Paper was what I was looking forward to the most. When my lss finally got it in, I bought every single sheet, some more than once! I *love* it!

Check out the colours! Swoon!


I used a big chipboard circle and two chipboard butterflies from Technique Tuesday. I used Erin's new stamp (I don't know who makes it, she'll have to tell me!) on the medium butterfly. It's my favourite thing on this layout! Love those swirls! The biggest butterfly was covered in paper and the circle was inked with Color Box ink in Ochre. The ink shows up more orange than it really is. IRL, it's almost the same exact mustard yellow as the paper.

And let's not forget these awesome corrugated letters by Jillibean Soup! Want to be let in on a little secret? The "y" is the word "guys" is actually a "v" and part of an "x" because I didn't have another "y". A few strategically placed butterflies and no one is the wiser (well, except that I just told you, but it's our secret, right?)

Here's the simple journaling.

On another note, check out the bag I just won! There was a contest on the Beautiful Blooms blog. Whoever suggested the best name for her brand new bag would win it. I said "Embrace" and she picked it! So I won this bag! Love it, can't wait to get it in my hands!

Life is not a race. Take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.♥


JJ Sobey said...

Very cool! I like how you covered the seam on the 'y'.

Great looking bag - you'll have to show up in person! Congrats!

Joni Parker said...

I have this entire collection and it's coming in one of my kit clubs this month..so I need to get to it and use some of it! I love love your layout... and great tip about the Y! --- Cute bag too, you should enjoy that!

Diana said...

I LOVE this line too! Guess what I played with last night?! :) I will be posting my layout shortly....Congrats on your bag win--LOVE it!

Teri said...

Claude, this LO is awesome! I love the colours and that paper is gorgeous! Congrats on winning that bag - it's fabulous! :)

Isabelle said...

it's a great layout! you are such a genius when it comes making letters that you don't have.