Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing New Scrapbooker Kira Beauregard

Miss Beauregard, who is 3 years-old, tells us she was born an artist. As far as she can remember, she has loved the arts, making sure to leave her mark on walls, sofas and clothing. Things evolved from there. Her mother, a scrapbooker herself, provided her with all the tools possible to nurture her talent. By the tender age of 3, Kira owned her own paper trimmer as well as countless decorative scissors. She was also lucky enough to inherit a huge pile of papers that her mom could not possibly all use. Different embellishments and alphabet stickers also made their way to her stash.

Kira developed her sense of colour at an early age. Her mom cannot wear a pajama bottom with a different-coloured t-shirt without hearing: "Mommy! You don't match!!"

After playing with papers, markers, glue and scissors for years, she finally gave the world this stunning layout. Notice the slightly crooked picture, the gathering of buttons and the pop of colour provided by the red embellishments. It's was all created to grab our attention and keep it.

We will keep you updated with more of Ms Beauregard's work in upcoming months.

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Jamie Lane said...

Well, well Miss Kira, I am a HUGE fan of your art! This layout is stunning and I love the use of the buttons! Way to design!
(and nice feature mom!)

Joni Parker said...

wow...this is just beautiful. Great job Kira!! I love the colors you used! -- Thanks Claude this this is sooo refreshing to see!!

Diana said...

SO cute! Love it! :)

Erin said...

PLEEEEAAASE go submit this at Practical scrappers this week!!!
Great Job KIRA!!

Jennifer Campbell said...

Absolutely adorable!!! What a great job! Thanks for playing along with us at practical scrappers!

Erin said...

I just noticed Kira has her own watermark! Congrats on winning this week's challenge Kira- Hopefully mom will let you play again next week!

Anonymous said...

Kira... oh my.. you are such gifted child to learn to appreciate the world of colours and elements at such a young age. Wonderful work. Look forward to enjoying more your works.. :D