Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love my kids!

Sean comes home from school today, all excited. He pulls out a Valentine's bag (given to him by his teacher) with a pencil, a heart-shaped notebook, 6 stickers and 4 of these:

So, what does he do? He promptly sits on the floor with Kira and gives her 2 of the chocolates and lets her choose 3 of the stickers!

Then, later on, I suggest they go watch a movie downstairs. Sean asks Kira: "Would you like to watch The Thunderbirds?" To which she responds: "No, I don't like The Thunderbirds... but it's okay, we can watch it!"

Somewhere, somehow, I did something right! :)


juliescrapbook said...

Great job Mom!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

So sweet! You gotta love that don't you? My oldest is real good about sharing that kind of stuff too. I keep waiting for the day when they will hate each other but so far so good. Cute picture BTW

Joni Parker said...

How sweet ... Can't wait to see the layout of this. (I just can't wait to see ALL your layouts!!)

Anonymous said...

Why does you're stories sometimes makes me cry?


Jessica said...

You must be a great mom!!!

chelemom said...

awwwwww.....must be because they have a great mom!!!! Such an adorable picture!