Monday, August 03, 2009

Family Movie Day!

Yesterday was Keith's last day of vacation and it was raining so we thought an afternoon at the movies sounded good. We hadn't seen Ice Age 3 yet, so we thought it would be a good one to go see.

I've been to many movies with Sean. Before Kira was born, I'd go to Movies for Mommies with him. It's nothing he can remember, though. When Kira was a wee baby, I brought the kids to MFM again, and it was the first time Sean really noticed what was going on. We saw Bee Movie that day. I don't think he remembers, however. After all, we wasn't even 3 years old!

A few months ago, I decided it was time for me to have a movie date with my son. I left Kira at home with Keith and brought Sean to see Monsters vs Aliens. He was completely enthralled! He loved the whole experience. Check him out here.

So yesterday was the first time we went as a family. I also believe it's the first time ever Keith has gone to the movies with the kids. The kids loved it!!! Here they are in front of the movie poster. I'm no pro at taking pictures inside where it's dark, so this is the best I could do:

Sean was completely captivated! He didn't eat any of his popcorn for the first 15 minutes. I'm not even sure he blinked! If you notice in the background, there is a McDonald's Monsters vs Aliens toy that Sean brought with him. He's called Insectosaurus. He put it in the cup holder so he could watch the movie too :)

As for Kira, she attacked her popcorn right away! I thought it was really funny when she pointed at the screen and said: "It's a big TV!" because Sean had said the same exact thing when we went to see Bee Movie!!!

So there you have it, a nice family day!

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Pamela said...

Sounds fun! Great pics. :)

Isabelle said...

that`s awesome! glad you guys had so much fun!