Thursday, August 06, 2009


We are not watermelon eaters here. The main reason is that Keith does not like melons in any size, shape or form. He used to work in the fruits and vegetables section in a grocery store and he has smelled enough melons-gone-bad to be turned off forever. Apparently, the smell is awful. Imagine a crate-full of it!! I don't care either way for watermelon. I'll eat it if it's there, but I wont miss it if it's not.

All that to say my kids have never eaten watermelon. No, that's not true. When we go out for breakfast, there's always watermelon in the plate. Let's say they have never eaten a slice of watermelon. It probably would've stayed that way if I hadn't purchased this:

For all you non-scrapbookers, those are felt shapes we use as embellishments on layouts. And trust me, we scrapbookers will do almost anything to make something work: buy a specific dress to fit a particular paper, spend our entire paycheck on green cardstock until we find the perfect shade green is a b**ch to match, isn't it?, have our kids eat watermelon to use an embellishment... Yup. That's us. Gotta love our craft!!

So when we were at the grocery store the other day, I decided a watermelon was in order. Yesterday was a nice sunny day, so I asked the kids to put on their bathing suits and to follow me outside for some yummy fruit. Sean got ready to sit at the table under the gazebo; I told him very seriously that watermelon should be eaten in the sun, sitting in the grass in front of the beautiful flowers. What? Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing to get these pretty pictures?

I must say, i was quite disturbed to see that watermelon don't have seeds anymore. It's not as pretty without the black dots, isn't it? Plus, don't you think kids should have the fun of spitting out the seeds at dangerous velocities? Yup. I thought so.

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PS I have been hearing so many stories about pictures being taken from blogs and used in ads that I make sure I bring down the resolution very low. I'm sorry if it means my pics lose their crispness, but I don't want my kids in an ad for adoption, kwim?


JJ Sobey said...

I post everything at 72 dpi.

cute pictures! They look like they were having fun!

Erin said... we add 2 more watermelon monsters to the list? Did they like it?!