Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Publication Requests from Canadian Scrapbooker!

Woohoo! Canadian Scrapbooker has requested 4 layouts: two for their Fall issue and two for a special reprint of the special issue Basics Volume 1. Both will be released September 1st, 2009. I will only be sending three of the four layouts, however, since one of them was already requested for the September 09 issue of Scrapbook Trends. If that's the worst problem I have, I'll take it! ;)


In other news, Sean will be turning 5 tomorrow. Yup, my big boy will be 5 years-old! Here's a little conversation I had with Mister-Man yesterday (if we are friends on Facebook, you've already read this!)

Sean: "Cats don't like baths?"
Me: "No, they don't."
Sean: "Why?"
Me: "They're scared of water, but I don't know why."
Sean: "Baths are for people, not animals... Except elephants and hippopotamus!"

Thanks for stopping by!


Pamela said...

Very cool! Congratulations!!! :) And happy birthday to Sean!

Linda Beeson said...

Congrats on the toots, those are fun to get and YEAH on the birthday boy.

Stacey Michaud said...

What great news! CONGRATS!

Barb said...

Congratulations, Claude! :)

salme said...

Congrats, Claude! Happy birthday to Sean!