Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muffin Tin for Recipes - Scrap Within Reach

I am not a cook. Not at all. I take no pleasure in cooking whatsoever. There are some things that I do have to make over and over again though, because my kids ask me to. However, although I know exactly how to cook these things, I always second-guess myself as to the ingredient quantities. Was that 1 tsp or 1 tbsp?? For months now, I've had those recipes on random sheets of paper on my fridge. Since I don't like clutter, I always thought it looked bad. When I saw this muffin tin at the dollar store, I had the idea to use it as a kitchen decoration where I could store those recipes. On there, you can find the ingredients to the three recipes I make the most often.

Simply cut your Cottage paper to size and glue to your muffin tin. I used Zip Dry glue. Once dry, use an x-acto knife to cut out three of the circles. This step is actually a lot easier than I would it was going to be. Print your recipes, punch out the circle and glue to the bottom of the muffin tins. Use rub-ons to add the recipe name. Add buttons, flowers, gems and title, pop-dotting every other letter. Add magnets to the back and place on your fridge. Voila!

Muffin tin (for 4 muffins)
Scrap Within Reach patterned paper, The Cottage collection;
Scrap Within Reach chipboard letters, The Cottage collection;
Arctic Frog rub-on letters;
American Crafts plastic flowers;
Kaiser Crafts pearls;
Dollar store gems;
Random buttons;


TraceyT said...

That is just the BEST idea. LOVE it.

Amy said...

That is super fabulous!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

VERY clever idea Claude! Love it!

Lisa said...

This looks great! Such a cool idea.

salme said...


Vickilyn said...

This is adorable! not to mention a GREAT idea!!! Might have to make one of these myself!