Friday, May 22, 2009

Now *that* was cool!

Oh yeah! Last night, we finally went to see the new Star Trek movie and let me tell ya, we were not dissapointed. I'm not gonna say anything about the movie, because I'm going to see it again on Monday with JJ and I don't want to spoil it for her, but I can attest that the critics have been right: this is a good one. I especially love the humor in it. Kinda felt like a Peter David book brought to the screen (okay, 99.9% of you have no idea who I'm talking about. David writes Star Trek books and he has a great sense of humor. He's my favourite ST author.)

What else made this movie great? Um... let me think.

Oh yeah! Him!

Chris Pine is yummy as Jim Kirk! ;) I'm allowed to say this because one of the previews we saw before the movie was for Transformers, and Keith got an eyefull of Megan Fox. He did not even try to hide his smile! Please refer to this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about. For that, here's another picture! ;)


In other news, I got the Summer 2009 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker in the mail yesterday. You can find my layout on page 116.

There are also some other great things to be found in this issue:

First of, my cousin/friend Caro is featured in an article on page 84 (former DT colleague Julie Savoy is on page 86.). How cool is that? I've always called her the Queen of Scrap, it's not for nothing! There are plenty of her layouts for you to feast your eyes on! She was also asked to try out for the cover. Her layout was not the chosen one, but it is awesome! You can find it on page 8.

My pal Erin also has a layout in there, on page 30. It's one of my favourite of hers, glad it's in there for all of you to see!


Lynn said...

ooooooooooo i heard great things about ST. i'm an original trekkie fan so i'm kinda at odds. love the lo on the canadian mag. your pal rocked it!

Suz said...

My son saw it yesterday & loved it too. It's on my list to see.

Congrats on the magazine pub. Your friends layout is a real eye catcher

Lisa Carroll said...

Congrats on the pub, and thank you for the eye candy.

Shere said...

Congrats on the pub! The lo's on your blog are fantastic. I can't wait to see that movie. Good to know that it is going to be good. I haven't heard one bad word about it.