Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday, Sean and Kira were pretending to be the Wonder Pets. One of them would be in trouble and the other would save them. The animal in trouble always calls the Wonder Pets on the phone to ask for help.

So Sean "calls" Kira for help. He was pretending to be stuck behind the cushions of the couch. He called them "marshmallows" because I was washing the beige covers so it was down to it's bare white state. He says: "Help! I'm stuck in the marshmallows!" Once Kira saved him, they switched roles. Kira called Sean and said: "Help! I'm stuck in the mushrooms!" :) She never realized that was wrong, precious girl!


This morning, the kids were eating some Frosted Flakes cereal. What does Kira say when Sean walks away from his unfinished bowl? "Sean, you have to finish your Frosted Snowflakes!"


Once the cereal was finished, I asked Sean to go wash his hands because he was sticky. Kira says matter-of-factly: "I'm not sticky, I'm just pretty!" Yes you are sweetie, yes you are!


TraceyT said...

I LOVE these little stories. I keep a journal in my kitchen so I can jot these down as they happen. It's fun to look back on and surprising how much we forget.

amy said...

lol the things kids say...especially siblings to each other!

Jess said...

Aw, that needs to go on a t-shirt! :D So cute.