Friday, April 03, 2009

Bonne fete papa!

Today would've been my dad's 73rd birthday. I wanted to share that with you because I'm thinking of him today and I thought it would be nice if others could think of him too.

He's been gone almost 2.5 years, but I can still remember what he was like.

Tiny little things remind me of him these days. I've been playing a lot of Tetris on Facebook, and I remember that my dad loved that game. He played it a lot on the original Gameboy.

Also, with Easter approaching, the Cadbury Creme Eggs are all around us. My dad and I used to spread them on toast. Yum, so tasty! They were much bigger when I was little, though. It's horrible how they seem to be shrinking more and more!

Bonne fete papa, je t'aime!

Wednesday was reveal day on the Scrap Schemes blog. Here is the inspiration piece Katy gave us, isn't that a great umbrella?!
And here is the layout I came up with. I'm happy to have written down the words phonetically, it'll be nice to read in a few years!


Creative Junkie said...

I'm so sorry about your dad. That's so young too. My father just turned 80 and I know that I'm supposed to brace myself for the inevitable but I just can't. I can't fathom it. My heart goes out to you.

But I'll leave on a brighter note ... I absolutely love your take on the inspiration piece. Great layout!

Kate said...

It's never a good time to lose a parent. Holidays and birthdays are hard... Try to think of all the happy times. He is alive in your heart.

gorgeous layout1 Rain seems to be the theme today!

Pamela said...

Great layout! I love it! And cadbury eggs on toast...sounds disgusting! :)

Sylvain said...

Je me joint à toi pour souhaiter a Papa une belle fête whererever.J suis sûr qu'il nous a entendus,