Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Do you think we watch too much Star Trek?

A few weeks ago, Sean started saying "Yes, Sir!" when we asked him to do something. We thought it was cute!

Then yesterday, Kira started saying "Aye, Captain!" out of nowhere. I think we watch too much Star Trek! (okay, there's no such thing as too much ST!)


On another note, I just received an email from Heather at Canadian Scrapbooker. She requested 1 layout for the Summer issue and 2 layouts for the Canadian Scrapbooker Volume 4 special issue. I'm thrilled, especially since I thought the calls were done (my pal Erin got her requests last week). Turns out she tried emailing me last week, but I was having trouble receiving my emails! I'm glad she gave it one last shot today!


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Congratulations Claude! :) And think that you'll be able to share postage on shipping with Erin! LOL

Ash said...

LOL with the Star Trek lines! Hey, if you love the show, there's not shame in that. They will be converted as well by default ;)

Congrats on the publications, how exciting!

julie said...

Your kids are too funny!
Congrats on the calls!