Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday TV habits

Thursday is a day where I always sing a little "Ode to my PVR". If I had to find blank tapes and program my VCR for all these shows, I'd go nuts!!!

First is Survivor.
I'm still watching this show. It's fun, what can I say? Love the challenges, love the blindsides, love Jeff Probst... Now, if they could only make a "Survivor: Nunavut" we'd be talking! ;P


Then there's Private Practice.

Love the cast, an entertaining hour of television. Not ground breaking, not award-worthy, but fun nonetheless.


Here is Hell's Kitchen.

Now that's a fun show! Chef Ramsey is awesome, don't you think? He's rude, but somehow I don't mind it here. When they sign up for the show, they know what he's like.... So learn to live with it!


Grey's Anatomy.

It's gotten a lot of flack recently. People say it's not as good as it used to be. Perhaps. But when I watch television, I just want to forget about everything. I want to just enjoy a fun-filled evening. and this show does that for me. As for the McDreamy vs McSteamy debate: I'm a McSteamy kinda girl! I loved Eric Dane in Charmed and he's not letting me down here! And I love him with Little Grey!


ER's last season.

It survived so many cast changes, and survived it well. This is a show where the setting is more important than its characters. Sure, we have to like the cast, but it's the storylines that keep us there.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
*sigh* I miss Grissom. And Warrick. And Warrick's smile, and hair, and green eyes... But I digress. Love this show. Love it. Love it. Have I said how much I love it?

Thanks for reading again today!


Isabelle said...

We watch the same things!!! well almost. i don`t watch Private practice (except for the cross over last week) and i did not pick up CSI again this year. but everything else is the same! can i just say, i don`t think there is one ER episode this season that i haven`t cried and now that Carter is back...omg!

Jessica said...

I too am still watching survivor! I love it!

Wow, I am shocked that you watch more than me! I have survivor, ugly betty, greys anatomy, and private practice. I better catch up to you!

The worst was when the OC was on, I had OC, Survivor, and Ugly Betty all on at 8! And I worked thursday nights, and no PVR! I had 3 VCRs going!

salme said...

Oh! I watch almost the same shows. Love, love Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!