Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi, my name is Claude and I'm a TV addict.

And I make no apologies for my addiction. We don't go out much, we are homebodies. I do other things like play with my kids and scrapbook. But at the end of the day, there's nothing I like more than to curl up on the couch with my DH and watch TV. Good shows, confusing shows, "fluff" shows... I thought I'd take you through my 7 days of tv viewing so that you have an idea of what we watch. Perhaps I can make you discover some shows... and perhaps you can tell me about others. Now mind you, there are many tv stations I don't have, like the Movie Network or the CW. So as much as I'd like to watch, let's say Entourage (it used to play on Bravo! Canada, but no more...), I can't. I do end up watching it online, but not on a regular basis. But I'll talk about that later.

Keep this in mind: we don't watch all these shows live. Our PVR records them and we watch them when we have the time. Sometimes, we are 3-4 episodes behind for a few shows. It's also fun to be able to FFW through the commercials!

Also, there are some shows that only *I* watch. DH has no interest in them. I'll watch those when he's not home or when he falls asleep next to me on the couch! ;)

Since today is Tuesday, let me start with shows that will play tonight (well, actually, I think there's a presidential address tonight, but you know what I mean!)
First off, here's The Mentalist.It's okay, but I'm not certain we'll keep watching for much longer. Simon Baker is captivating in his role (not to say yummy on the eyes!), but I'm not sure that'll be enough to keep us watching. The resolutions to the "crime of the week" seem to come way too easy. But it's still fun to watch... for now
Next is 90210. Need I say this is one of those shows that DH doesn't watch?!
It doesn't come close to the original, but perhaps that's just because I'm not 16 anymore! :) Then again, it's a guilty pleasure and I love it! I could do without Annie's incredibly annoying facial expressions, but that's just a small issue. And can I just say I love Adrianna?! Love her!
American Idol. Yes, I still watch.
Other than Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, I don't listen to any of the winners' music. But I still watch. Because it's fun. Because it's something to watch. Because they do something I would've liked to do with my life had I been born with a voice that gave me the opportunity.
And finally, Project Runway Canada.
A few years ago, they showed Project Runway on NBC for 3 episodes before moving it to Bravo! I think it was to grab a new audience. Unfortunately, I don't have the Bravo! channel, I have Bravo! Canada. Which means that I did not get to see the rest of the season!!! Do I have to say I was pissed?!!!!?! But now, we have our own show on CTV and I *heart* it so much! (DH doesn't watch, btw!) I'm not big into fashion, as you know if you've seen how I dress, but I wish I was, lol! It's still very fun to watch. How they can make these clothes in only a few days is amazing!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Wednesday tv habits! TFL!


Isabelle said...

love the mentalist! my PVR didn`t record it last night...i have to check it out!

Ash said...

I love TV too! I don't watch a lot of prime time though, I prefer to just rent series. I love HBO stuff. There are a few shows you mentioned that I'd like to check out. I wish I had a PVR! That would make life so much easier. Usually I download shows off the net though and then we plug the external harddrive to the xbox so it's almost as good.