Friday, October 10, 2008

What a beautiful day!

I went to the park this morning, like we do most days. They usually get in the wagon and I pull them. Today, however, Sean decided to go on his Diego tricycle. It's the first time he used it to go all the way to the park. He kept saying "I can do it all by myself!" He was so proud!

The weather was great, sunny with a nice warm wind. The kids had fun in the swings and then a bunch of kids from neibourghing daycares came by. So they were having the time of their lives! Now that Sean can talk, he can finally go up to them and say "Hi, my name is Sean!" And since a lot of these kids speak english too, it works out well!


I haven't written this here yet. Simple Scrapbooks requested a St. Patty's Day layout for their March/April 2009 issue!!! I am so thrilled! My second time in the mag. The first time around, it was for the "Make the Most of It" column. I almost passed out becasue Donna Downey called me herself!!! This time around, it's for the Readers Gallery, yay!!!

Things are going great for me these days in the publishing world. I think one thing that has helped me is that I now scrap according to the seasons for magazine calls. So this Summer, I was scrapping Winter pictures. And right now, it's all about Spring. I scrap pictures I would've scrapped anyway, but since I *know* I will be submitting them, it gives me an extra push to make it even better. Ever since I started scrapping this way, I've been getting more mag requests. I figure there must be something to it! :)


We went to Caro's yesterday, spent all day there. Kira had fun on the swing and Sean was thrilled to play with Xavier's Transformers!


I'm still taking my pictures every day, but I haven't managed to download them in my computer yet. Sorry about that!
This made me chuckle this morning because I'd bet anything this is the kind of game Kira will come up with in a few years! :D


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barb said...

Congrats to Sean for doing so well on his trike! Congrats to you on the pub! :D

Jessica said...

Sounds like a nice day at the park.

I know exactly what you mean about your dvd sets making you happy!