Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meet Rhys and Parker!

As you know, two of my best friends recently gave birth. JJ gave birth to Rhys on August 15th and Erin had little Parker on September 29th. Tonight, while I was at the Friday night crop at Scrapbook Centrale, I got to take pictures of the little ones. There are plenty more, but here are 2 that I had time to tweek a little bit. I hope the mommies don't mind me posting these!

Here is Rhys, one of the most quiet babies I have ever seen!

Here is Parker, a little more fussy but oh-so-cute!


And here is my pic-of-the-day for the challenge at SC. I know I skipped a few days. The pics were taken, I just haven't taken the time to download them yet.

The menu at Starbucks, where we go every Friday night after the crop!


Ash said...

Love the baby pictures, they are adorable! So cool that they are actually able to bring them to the crops.

barb said...

Great pictures of the babies... and of the menu too! Mmmmm, Starbucks!

Sabee said...

Hum.. juste à voir le panneau, je veux un café!! Starbucks est tellement le meilleur! :D