Thursday, October 16, 2008

A toot and some pictures!

YAY, another toot! CARDS idea book has requested a card for their March 2009 issue. I love CARDS! I love the goodie box, it's like Xmas anytime of year! It's a card I made with my design team kit that I showed you in a previous post. And don't scroll down to try to see it, I removed it! ;)


On another note, the kids and I went to my cousin Nadyne's today. Rebeka is only a few months younger than Kira. Kira kept calling her Beka, it was so cute! The kids had a lot of fun. We played in the backyard, which is huge and full of leaves. Of course, I had my camera with me so I took some shots (200+ shots!) Here are a few.

This is Rebeka. It's not the best picture of her, but she was so happy to be allowed to eat Kira's Fruit Loops, I just had to share! I hope her mom doesn't mind me posting this!
Future photographer/scrapbooker?!
Kira loved this boat, she kept ringing the bell.She doesn't smile much right now b/c she has a big cold (her 3rd in 6 weeks, tough times for her), but she is still adorable! Plus, it's nice to have a nice background instead of my mish-mash living room/dining room!

This is in our driveway back home. We were playing hide and seek and I snapped this picture when he finally found me!

My 2 sweeties together, love 'em!

And here is my picture-a-day for today! I love taking pictures of Sean lying down on the ground. I stand over him and voila, perfect pic every time! I can't wait for Kira to be able to stand still so that I can do this with her!

Don't forget to look at my Slide show on the right. I have all my picture-a-day pictures there, although I didn't show them all in my posts!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Gorgeous pictures and a huge congratulations!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Congratulations again Claude! And I love those pictures! My fave is the first one I think. :)

Barb said...

Cute photos and congrats on the call!

Beth said...

Congrats on the pub and such cute picutres!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Congratulations on your card pub!! Love your photos - so fun! Wish we had leaves around here to play in. ;)