Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday, I went in downtown Montreal to take part in a discussion group for Ipsos Descaries. For an hour and a half, 9 of us discussed some potential birth control commercials. 75$ pay. Pretty good!

However, I came home to see SYTYCD Canada hadn't taped. Noooooooooooooooo! Not sure why, perhaps I was taping more than 2 things at once with my PVR? I'll check today. Luckily, Much Music replays the episodes, but only on Friday, so I have to be patient. In the meantime, how about I show you my favourite dance from last week? Nico and Arassay. Sigh... Can I take Nico and put him in my living room and have him dance all day? Shirtless, of course?! ;) Fast Forward to 1:55 to skip directly to the dance.

Here is a layout I was hoping would be picked for the Xmas calls, no luck. I absolutely love it, isn't Kira the cutest ever?!?!?!


A few weeks ago, I was the winner of a random draw on the Simple Studios Blog. Here's what I won. Gotta love free goodies!! This kit is by Making Memories.


Anonymous said...

That is a super cute layout!!!

JJ Sobey said...

Thanks for the link - I missed that dance. Nico is pretty hot. I love Danny too, though. Just wanna bring that cutie home, LOL!

JJ Sobey said...

(what can I say, I'm a total sucker for the latin dances...)

Jessica said...

i Just want to let you know that I am now going to be late to the airport because im watching the dance video! I really liked it, thanks for sharing!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Such a cute layout!!

Ash said...

Ohh fun goodies, lucky you! Nice new layout too!

I didn't realize that you had your teaching degree, good for you :) What made you decide not to go continue in the field? I have my moments like that as well... there were a few already on my first few days of stage, but I'm trying to suck it up and go with the flow. It's a big responsibility, but very rewarding.