Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out of shape much?

Me 3 weeks ago: oh, you know what? I'm gonna take a week off from the gym, I don't have much energy right now.

Me 2 weeks ago: I have a cold, I can't breathe, I can't possibly go train this week!

Me last week: I'm feeling blah. I don't think I'm gonna go train today. Or today. Or today.

Me yesterday, calling Keith at work:
-Sweetie, you know how you asked me to let you know when I start not feeling so good? Like depression symptoms? Well I'm really low on energy and I'm exhausted. This is the first sign of a slump. I need to do something to keep from going downhill.

-You should go train, it'll release endorphins, it'll help.

-okay, if I must...

Me at the gym: Oh, look at that there's a Dance Cardio class starting in 5 minutes. I'll do that instead of my usual eliptical machine/weights routine.

Five minutes into the class:
-This is cool, I had forgotten how fun these classes can be!

Ten minutes into the class:
-This is good, I'm sweating and breathing hard. Let's burn those calories!
-Shoot, I wish there weren't mirrors all around, I hate looking at myself. It's tough to follow the class when I only look at my feet.

Fifteen minutes into the class:
-Man, these steps are complicated! I have trouble following.

Twenty minutes into the class:
-OMGosh, I am *dying*!!!!!!! Isn't this ever gonna end?
(Looking at the clock)
-What?!?!?!?!?! It's only been 20 minutes?! Is there any way I can sneak out of here without being noticed?

Forty minutes into the class:
-Aw crap, I have no more water! And you know what? My brain is slow, I can't possibly make my legs do this! Grapevine. Skate. Double grapevine. Go forward. Turn. WHAT?????!

Tonight, I'm going back to my routine!


NancyJones said...

Bless your heart. I can never go in those classes Im so uncoordinated these days. I start in the old people classes makes me feel better bwahahahhahaa I can sometimes keep up with them ROFL

Richard said...

I've never regretted going on a run but I've often regretted not going on one. Keep going!

Isabelle said...

LOL!!! oh my god you mad me laugh with your internal conversation with yourself! i do that all the time!
apparently exercise is good for you, maybe i should try it sometimes. LOL! no really it`s good for the mood, it`s just hard making yourself go and do it.

hang in there!

btw, i`ll be making my canvas' next w-e, wanna come over?

Jessica said...

You are funny Claude! Im sure you felt good after you did it.

barb said...

I teach classes and STILL have a hard time following new routines. Holy man, you're awesome for just walking into a class like that on a whim. My advice to you... don't give up. Don't worry what you look like in the mirror... no one else is looking at you. If you like the music and the energy from the group, go back... because group fitness is FUN. Especially once you get past the first few classes of feeling lost. :D

Anyway, I hope the exercise helped. I find I'm the same way... a good workout can fight off the most gloomy, grey feelings, and sometimes I need someone to give me a gentle reminder of that. (((hug)))

Ash said...

Love the way you wrote that, so funny and true! You should make a page with it.

Keep up the good work, even though it feels hard! Sometimes I really need a good kick in the butt to start training, but I always feel way better afterwards. And ditto what Barb said :)

ALso, it's great that you're able to feel when you might be getting into a slump and telling people you love about it, so important!!