Saturday, September 27, 2008

Leaps and bounds, I tell ya!

I don't know if I ever told you this, but Sean is no artist. He draws once in a while, but he doesn't seem all that enthralled by it. Which is okay, mind you. But I was such a little artist when I was a kid, I guess I just expected every kid to be the same, duh!

When he was 3 years and 11 months old (I know, because I wrote down the date!) he drew his first real bonhomme. It was basically a big circle with a nose, mouth, and eyes, arms and legs shaped like loaves of bread and two tiny circles for ears. You'll see that picture soon, I'm planning a layout with it.

Lately, he's taken quite a liking to the blackboard we have in the basement, mostly because Kira loves it, I think! So today he says "Look Mommy, I drew a dinosaur!" Sure enough, there was a dinosaur (see on the left? Okay, so maybe it looks more like Eeyore, but if he says it's a dinosaur, then it's a dinosaur!) A few minutes later he says "Look, a Transformer!" Transformers are his new obsession! A layout is coming with that theme, too! Anyway, doesn't it remind you of Zurg from Toy Story?

I am amazed how much his drawing talents have improved in such a few months! He's becoming quite the little guy. He talks a LOT more than he used to, full sentences and all. Pronunciation is not quite perfect yet, but even strangers are finally able to understand him. He also tries to strike up conversations with other kids. It used to be that when we'd go to the park, he'd play with other kids but he wouldn't talk to them. You know how kids are... They don't need to talk, they have fun no matter what. But now he goes up to them and says "Hi, my name's Sean!"

Today I got him a Happy Meal toy. He got The Penguin in a Submarine that shoots torpedoes. When we went to pick up Keith at work, he shot the torpedoes and lost one of them somewhere in Keith's office. We tried looking for it, but were unsuccessful. So I told him "I'm sorry you lost one of them, Sweetie." You know what he said? "It's okay Mommy, we have one left!" Bless his heart, I love him!


Ash said...

Adorable! I love when kids show you their drawings they worked on and explain what they drew. It looks like what he said!!

So happy for the progress he's making :)

barb said...

Sounds like your little man is growing in leaps and bounds! Good for him! :)

Jessica said...

He is growing into a nice young man!