Friday, September 19, 2008

Good things

This morning I went shopping with my pal Noémi. Our main goal was to go to the awesome store Farfelu, full of cutesie, funny, adorable things! You want to come out of there with the whole store! How I managed to get in and out of there in one piece with my kids is amazing! Everything was fun to them! I left with this wallet, but in red instead of green. I fell in love with the smaller version when Bella showed me hers and then when I saw the big one, I knew I'd end up buying it! Adorable, isn't it?

We had a good time. Noémi started shopping for Xmas (her baby is due around that time). I went to Reitmann's, spent money I don't have (I need clothes, what I have looks drab or dated.) I saw my dear friend Linda, it was nice to see her!


In other news, I finally called Anne, who's a speech therapist that I know, so that she could refer me to the proper person for Sean's speech delay. She gave me a few numbers, but she gave me even more. We talked for a while and basically she told me this: Sean (who's 4) talks at the level of a 3 year-old. She said language is probably not one of his strengths, so learning 2 languages was perhaps a little too much for him (as opposed to Kira who's having no problem at all). So he concentrated on english only, which is why he doesn't speak french at all. It was his way to process it all He can count in french, say his alphabet in french and translate almost every word, but he wont make sentences in french. So she said to focus on the english, so that he could perfect at least one language. Then when he goes to school, french should kick in fairly easily since he'll have been exposed to french at home anyhow. He might be quiet for a few weeks, or even months when he finally goes to school, but he'll end up getting it. That made me feel better. So... to recap. he'll still be exposed to french at home, but I'll focus more on english when I talk to him. If he says a sentence like "I go downstairs and computer" I'll say "You're going to go downstairs and play on the computer? Okay!" It feels good to have an idea of what to do and to know that I didn't do anything wrong to screw up my boy! :D


~Caro~ said...

Glad you were able to talk to Anne! let me know how that goes. hard to believe he'll be in school in less than a year, whoa!

you're so busy nowadays with all these new friends... got any time left for me?
miss you.

barb said...

Claude, it sounds like you were given some great advice by your friend. I'm sure Sean's language will blossom as he matures. He sounds like a very bright boy... and a good natured one too. I think that's half the battle right there. :)

And your comment about worrying that you're things wrong and messing up... no such thing when you love your son and care enough to ask for help. You're definitely on the right track. No second guessing yourself, missy! *hugs*

Ash said...

Good for you for inquiring about ways to help Sean. There are a few kids in daycare (where I work) whose parents just refuse to admit that their kid has a delay, and it's sad, because they could use the help and it would improve their situation! It's great that you have definite goals now and know what to do specifically to address his sentences. Sounds like everything is on the right track and I'm sure this will all be a distant memory in no time. He seems like a great little guy :)

BTW, love that wallet!

Isabelle said...

glad to hear everything is normal!

gotta love that wallet, i`m really debating on getting a big one too! maybe the one with the cat...