Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are You Ready Canada?!

Oh yeah, tomorrow's the night! Thursday Sept 11th on CTV. I am pumped! If you've been reading my blog these past few months, you know I have a devotion to SYTYCD. And now I'll be able to pick up the phone and vote? How cool is that?! So you can expect more of my "favourite of the night" videos. Tell me, are you going to be watching with me?
Heard today in the Campeau/Beauregard household:
(Sean is riding my broom around the living room)
Me: Are you a witch (knowing full well he wouldn't know what the word "wizard" meant)
SEAN: No! I'm a cowboy!
(Well, duh!, Mommy. I should've known, the "head" of the broom was in the front, not the back. What was I thinking??)
And another one:

(We've just come back from IGA where the kids got helium-filled balloons. In the house, they let go of them so that they are floating to the ceiling. Sean is entertaining his sister by jumping up to catch the strings)
SEAN: I name's Super Sean to the wescue!!! (no typos, this is how he talks)
(He then jumps up but fails to catch the balloon)
SEAN: Need help please, Super Mommy!
(Finally, someone sees me for what I really am!)


kimosabescraps said...

Love reading comments from your son... they do say the funniest things!

and during the summer we have SYTYCdance... here in the states.. and I confess... im addicted too! lol
I love it just to hear the music sometimes!
have a good day

Norma Kennedy said...

Awww kids are so Cute and the thing they say. Your little one sounds adorable !
Norma K.

Lisa Dorsey said...

I love those, especially the super mommy one. My girls made me a Super Mom sign (like Superman's) to wear around my neck. It still hangs in my bathroom. :)

Suzanne Webb said...

Aaah, you know kids say the darndest things :) I was going to say 'hope you are recording these sayings,' but then you are, right here on your blog :)

Isabelle said...

you are hilarious! or should i say Sean is hilarious! LOL! i wish someone would call me super mommy! see ya tomorrow! yay!

barb said...

Super Mommy... I love it! Great story, Claude. When will you be scrapping that one?! ;)