Thursday, July 03, 2008


As promised, I am posting my favourite dances of last night's show on So You Think You Can Dance.

By far, my favourite was Mandy Moore's lyrical jazz choreography "The Shirt". It was awesome!!! You can FF to 0:23 to get to the beginning of the dance.

I also want to say that Mia Michaels is one of my favourite choreographers. If I started dancing now, I'd definitely do contemporary dancing. I love the storytelling of it all! Kherington and Twitch's performance on the bed was amazing! Again, the performance starts at 0:24

And here is Mia Michaels' other choreography for the night. I didn't like it as much as the other, but I *had* to show you this for this one move. Let's call it the "assisted run" as judge Napoleon called it. It happens at 1:13 (but watch the whole performance, no cheating!) and it's the kind of move that makes you happy you have a PVR and you can rewind live TV, LOL!!!! Here are Katee and Joshua:

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Isabelle said...

i loved last nights show! Mia Micheals is awesome!