Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 2 at the gym (and potty training news!)

After going to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, I fully intended to go again on Sunday. I couldn't make it Friday night b/c Keith had a softball game and I was at an all-day crop on Saturday. But when I came back from the crop, I was just too wired to go to sleep. So I kept cropping and surfing the net. I'm not sure what time it was when I went to bed, but I can tell you I woke up at 2:30PM on Sunday. Yes, you read right! I'm telling you: if you don't wake me up, I can sleep indefinitely. I love my sleep!!! Then we had errands to run, and since the gym closes at 5 on Sundays, I didn't make it. Then on Monday evening I had a doctor's appointment and on Tuesday the gym was closed b/c of of la St-Jean. So tonight was my third time at the gym, the beginning of my second week. I did 22 minutes on one of those ski machines, I'm not sure what they're called. I absolutely love those machines!


In a previous post, I promised I'd tell you about Sean's potty training. He's been dry for many months now, I'd say maybe 6 months, I'm not sure. So he's been wearing underwear, no more diapers. Cacas, however, were a whole other story. Every 2 days, in the evening, we knew we'd have to clean up a soiled pair of underwear. We were willing to do it for a while, figuring he'd "get it" soon enough, right? Plus he was so proud of his underwear, we didn't want to "regress" to pull-ups. But no. He wanted nothing to do with it!!! Arghhhhhh! Then it was his 4th birthday on May 14th. Xavier came to the party with his Bakugan toys and Sean was completely captivated! In case you don't know what Bakugans are, they are toys based on a TV show. Here is a pic of them:

So when the party was over, we told Sean: If you go caca in the toilet, we'll bring you to the toy store and you can choose a toy. And he'd say he wanted Bakugans. We figured that would do it, he loved those toys so much! But noooooooooooooooooooooooo. He kept saying "if caca toilet, I get Bakugans" but he'd still go downstairs, poop in his pants and come and tell us. No toilet!
Then not even 2 weeks ago, I was at a Friday night crop at Scrapbook Centrale and I was telling Brigitte and Sass about Sean not wanting to poop in the toilet. They said I needed an incentive. I said I gave him one, we'll bring him to the toy store. They said "no, you have to get the toy, put it somewhere he can see it but can't reach it. You'll see, it'll work." Sounds cruel, but it had to be done!!!! So on the Sunday, I went and got him a box of 6 small Bakugans and 3 larger ones. I showed it to him but didn't let him touch it. I put the box on top of the microwave. Believe me, he cried that evening! He wanted his Bakugans!!! Then he started saying "if I go caca in the toilet, I get 6 Bakugans!" Five days later, he pooped in the toilet!!! And I am proud to say that since then, he has earned 2 of the large Bakugans and I'm certain the 3rd one will be his soon!!!
Oh, and if you are offended by my use of the words 'caca' or 'poop', you are obviously not a parent or you are of a very small nature and all I can say to that is: TOUGH!!!

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barb said...

Eliptical machine... that's what it's called. :)
Good for you for sticking to your gym routine. Don't worry about not going as often as you like. Get rid of the guilt and go when you can. Don't give up! You'll get to your goals. :)

And wow, congratulations to Sean on his poo in the potty! YAY! :D :D :D