Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 4th, 2008

Yup, my favourite show right now is definitely SYTYCD!!!! I got hooked last year and this year I am hooked and in the fishing net, LOL! You have no idea how much I hate myself for not watching the first 2 seasons of this. I thought they were just trying to jump on the American Idol-type-show bandwagon. I also figured I'd hate it, since I know nothing about dance.

But at the beginning of last season, my brother Sylvain made me promise to give it a shot. I was pleasently surprised. Turns out you don't have to know anything about dance to love this show. So I was pleasantly surprised, but not awed... Until I saw Danny dance. When you look at him dance, you know he's a brilliant dancer. It'll be hard for anyone to replace him in my heart. Sabra was a cutie, and the actual winner, but my favourite dancer was definitely Danny!

When I watch this show, I am completely "out of it." I almost litterally fall into a trance. I usually am very aware of everything that is going on around me, even during a tv show. Keith, on the other hand, tunes everything out, which pisses me off! The kids could be killing each other and he wouldn't notice it! I love him, but that's a trait I could do without, LOL! But when I'm watching SYTYCD, I do the exact same thing! You have no idea how many things Keith had to tell me over and over again tonight! Now he gets a tastes of his own medicine, I guess! :)

Oh, and there's going to be a SYTYCD Canada, so it'll be double the fun this year! They are still auditionning, so I'm assuming the show will start in the Fall. I'll keep you updated!


On another note, here is my latest layout --well, the latest that I'm not keeping secret ;) Click to see it larger so that your can read the journaling.


JJ Sobey said...

You know, I hate reality TV. I mean really hate it. But if I'm flipping channels, I'll stop and watch SYTYCD. There's something about watching a good dancer.

Ash said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog in a while and suddenly you have a ton of posts!! It's fun to catch up. Love your DT layouts.

I caught one of the audition episodes of SYTYCD and really liked it, and I thought I wouldn't. So I totally get it!

Isabelle said...

i just LOOOOOOVe SYTYCD! i've been watching it since season 1 and i can't wait to see the Canadian version! there is so much more talent on this show than on some other reality tv shows.

Jessica said...

I never watch, but Im going to check it out this season.

I love the froggy wash cloth!

Isabelle said...

big big SYTYCD fan here!!!! BTW i love that your blog is updated so often!