Sunday, June 08, 2008

2009? Really?!

I had heard the rumours. But surely, they couldn't be true. There is *no way* a show would air an episode in June 2008 and then hold it's Series Finale (not Season Finale, Series) until 2009. Sure, 24 started the trend of holding off on the beginning of a season to start in January. That's understandable to me: that way, all 24 episodes can be shown straight through, without repeats. I enjoy that, actually. And last season, ABC showed the first few episodes of the season of Lost and then went on hiatus for a while so that the rest of the season could be shown without repeats. That sucked a little more, but it was still okay.

But now, after next week's episode, we'll have to wait over 6 months for a the second half of the final season of Battlestar Galactica. Why? More suspense? Just because? To hang on a little bit longer to one of the Sci-Fi channel's most popular series ever? If that's the case, they should just give us a fifth season. If it's for the suspense, they should just believe in their show more. It's suspensful enough not to need that type of tactic. It's good enough without needing theatrics.

Now, if it's because of the writer's strike and they weren't able to get everything in the bag in time, then I understand. But I doubt that's what it is. And that pisses me off, okay? Will I lose interest enough not to watch when it comes back in 2009? No. But it's possible I wont care as much. Yup. Interest is fleeting. They should know better.

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JJ Sobey said...

I knew it was coming, and I *still* screamed at the tv.

I believe the work Frack was involved, repeatedly.