Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2nd, 2008

Today, I thought I'd talk about a few random things about me, things you may or (most probably) may not know!

1. I always go to bed with my socks on. Always. Even when I sleep naked. However, I always wake up with only one sock left, and it's always the right one... Odd!

2. I hate dusting and I don't do it. Except when company is coming over, and even then I'll only dust the obvious spots. Our house is by no means dirty, but it is definitely dusty. If you can't write your name in the dust on a shelf, it's no fun, right?! ;-)

3. These days, my breakfasts consist of bagel with cream cheese. That is pretty much all I eat in the morning. I'm quite obsessed, actually. When the kids ask for a bagel, I freak a little b/c I know it means one less for me!

Well, that's 3 random things for now. I might do this again if I think of anything.

I now tag Erin, JJ and Jess. C'mon, give me 3 random things about you!


JJ Sobey said...

You're ahead of yourself now - it's only June... LOL!

I'll try to do the tag tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Is this how we tag? here?

Well to go with Claudes theme:
1. I never ever sleep with pants on.
2. I enjoy a piece of toast and cream cheese for breakfast.
3. I say goodnight to my doll Mimi every night.