Friday, May 30, 2008

Pirates galore!!!

I went to the park with the kids this morning and they were having their usual fun in the swings and in the slides.

At some point, a lady from the CPE near the park came by and was sticking some paper to the underside of the slide. Sean went to check it out and said "Mommy, come, a pirate!" The lady went on to explain that they were doing a treasure hunt and she asked Sean if he would help her dig in the sand to bury the treasure. He was so thrilled! He helped her out and about 15 minutes later, a bunch of tiny kids dressed as pirates appeared and discovered the treasure. Sean was so excited to look at them, but I think deep down he wished he could've participated more. So the lady told him to wait for her, she'd be back and they'd bury another treasure.

So once again, he helped and this time, older kids came by and discovered the treasure. It happened to be snack-sized boxes of Smarties. Well the lady gave Sean and Kira a box to thank him for helping her. He was beaming! He kept saying "I help treasure pirates!" When we came home, we called his daddy to tell him about it! So cute! Kira was just happy to have Smarties!!! :-)


Jessica said...

He must have been so happy!
Hope you took some pictures, as you know there exists pirate themed scrapbook stuff!

barb said...

That's just the cutest story ever! :-)
I just wanted to leave a note here for you. I read your older post... I hope you're feeling better these days. (((hug)))