Monday, February 05, 2007

Sean is finally talking!!!

It took a while... Quite a long time, actually! But finally, it has started: Sean is talking! It's so wonderful to hear his voice, all those words coming out of his mouth! He is so proud, too!

It started on Christmas Eve when he surprised us by saying "maman" and "papa". What a great Xmas gift that was! From then on, there has been a new word every few days.

Boots was boo then boops and now boots;
Pomme is pa;
Owl is ow;
Tigger is agger;
Pooh is Pooh!!! He has been saying this one for a long time, actually!
He says chu for jus and ooce for juice; it's the only word he says in both languages;
Car is caw;
Couche is couche;
He can say un and deux;
He also says no and trust me, he knows how to use that word!!!
He says balloons, blue (and for the right colour!) and shoes.
Yesterday, he started saying the word more.
If only he could learn to say please and thank you!!


Jessica said...

Thats great Claude!
You should make a layout with all these words!

Andrea said...

thats wonderful Claude! :)