Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gotta love CARDS!

So, I had my first card published in CARDS magazine. I knew that a box of goodies was coming my way, but I wasn't expecting all this stuff! When the FedEx truck pulled up in my driveway, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! A box... Filled with stuff... Some of it not my taste, but most of it really cool!

I mean, 15 Bazzill Bling cardstcok??!! Just for that, it was cool! But then add the chipboard, the Junkitz Flowerzand some alphas, and I was on top of the moon!

Caro, you have a mag coming your way!

My goal from now on?? A card in CARDS mag every month to keep the goodies coming ;)
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cynthiagd said...

good for you girl!

Isabelle said...

Awesome! gotta submit!

Andrea said...

AWESOME CLAUDE....I love my box full of goodies too :)