Thursday, August 24, 2006

On my way to Vegas!!

Well, tomorrow's the day!

DH's boss is bringing us to Vegas for the weekend, all expenses paid! How awesome is that???!!?! I can't wait to go, and I must admit that I am mostly looking forward to The Star Trek Experience! I can do everything there except for the shuttle ride, because I am pregnant, I'm slightly bummed about that, but it's OK. I get to get served food by a Ferengi, how cool will that be??! Well, ok, if you're not a Trekker, it's not cool, but trust me, it'll make my year, lol!

I am finding it hard to leave Sean for 3 days though, the first time ever I'll be doing that! He's in good hands with my mom, but I'll still miss him like crazy! And I know he'll miss me too!

Today, whatever he wants to do, he gets to do! We went to the park for hours this morning, even tho my back was killing me! I just want to make him happy before I leave!

I'll update when I come back on Sunday!

Take care,



cynthiagd said...

WOW! Bon voyage ma chère et j'ai hâte de lire ton récit à ton retour!

Julie said...

It sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead of you!! I am going to Vegas for MemoryTrends in Oct, but we will only have one day (the Sunday) to "play" (that doesn't include the playing time with the scrapbooking supplies-heh heh)... not yet sure what we will do. I am jealous of your 'all-expenses-paid' part... my trip is 'all-expenses-paid-by-dh' LOL!

JoSie SenSi said...

Hooooo!! Lucky you!!
Et bien je vous souhaite un super voyage.. Amusez-vous et pleins de photos !! :)

Myalie said...

Bon voyage! Amuses-toi bien!

Myalie said...

Puis ton voyage??????