Monday, March 27, 2006

Contests galore!

i am having so much fun entering scrapbooking contests! i only started a few months back, but i love it b/c it pushes me to make better and better layouts! kinda like being on a dt! well i figure, if i'm gonna scrap anyway, might as well try to win something ;) i don't enter everything, only the ones of interest for me, so i don't have *too* much to do! i am glad to say i made it to round 2 of the shack olympics with this layout:

we had to use 4 papers, no more, no less, the number 4 in our title (4, four, for, fore), four pictures of four different people and 4 embellishments. love the end result!

this layout made me move on to round 2 of imagine, create, scrap's spring fling. We had to start from a sketch, and i really like how it turned out. i am not usually the biggest basic grey fan, but in this case, i think they were just perfectly suited!


Andrea Blair said...

WTG Claude....They look so awesome!

YES...contests are very fun! Hope you go all they way!:)

Adrienne said...


tabitha jones said...

goregous layouts!!! No wonder you moved on!!
have a great day!

shirley said...

Love the layouts!! Good luck with your contests! I have yet to try any but it is one of my goals for the year...someday.