Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI: my thoughts on the top 10

OK, i am writing this before we know who leaves tonight. i am by no means good at predicting how these things are gonna go, so that's not what i'll do, although i've said from the first auditions that chris would win it all and i still maintain that!

lisa: paula always says "the good thing is, we *know* you can really sing". but she never actually *does*!!!!!! last night was particularly awful with that great kelly clarkson song. butchered, i tell ya! i'm thinking she's leaving tonight, or next week.

bucky: that guy should've been gone last week! ok, i didn't like chicken little, but if you just closed your eyes and compared the 2 last week, bucky was the worst! he'll leave the week lisa doesn't, so it's either tonight or next week. then again, maybe he'll pull a fast one on us and stay much longer than he should!

mandisa: that girl is gorgeous! wow, what a face, and an incredible smile! and yes, she can sing, although it's not my cuppa tea... she's the kind of singer that I feel screams through most of her songs (i put whitney and mariah in that category, so what do i know, lol) i think she'll go far, but she wont win.

taylor: the best last night in my opinion, although the song was quite boring. speaking of song choice: what in the world were they all thinking?????? they had all these great contemporary songs to pick from, and that's the best they could all do??? anyway, i've loved taylor since the beginning and i am glad he is toning down all his ray charles moves. it was getting old! he'll go far.

kellie: please, get her outta here. she is fake, she can barely sing and although i usually like the southern charm, she is getting on my nerves with it! she is making all southerners look stupid, and i know they are not. yes, she is a sob story. she's already come really far. now let her go!

katherine: the best female singer imo, although her rendition of christina's song last night was awful! simon will listen to it back again on tv, and he'll be sorry he said she was almost as good as ms c herself (and i really dislike christina, so my comment means a lot!)

chris: dh and i knew he's pick a creed song. it was a given. but *that* song??!? he should've chosen better, although he did do very good. the guy will win, mark my words (and i would looove to see him tackle a celine song, just for the hell of it!)

paris: she was good, granted. but she's not my kinda singer. and that song could not really show off her vocals, which are really powerful.

elliott: love him as a singer, although when he waves his hand like a dum-dum, it makes me wonder if he's all there... he did well, he shoulda done great. i was dissapointed.

ace: i have said it before, i can say it again: he is cute, but he shouldn't be in this competition. he can't really sing. well ok, he manages to sorta sound ok, but then again, so can i... do you see me auditioning? no. once people get over his looks, he'll be out. plain as that.


Adrienne said...

OH I so agree with you on ALL of this! LOL

Jen said...

ROFFLMAO!!! You are too funny!
I think it will be either Lisa or Bucky tonight. (Although I think Bucky should be out just on his name alone!). I won't be sad either way.

shirley said...

awesome run down! Can't believe tonight's bottom 3!!!

Isabelle said...

Claude, you are hilarious!!! You get it right on. i also think Chris is gonna win. But i have to say "WHY" do they pick the songs they pick??? Last night was country and there are some really , really good songs out there an they picked just "OK" songs, what's that about?