Friday, November 04, 2005

A little bit of money, yeah!

Keith's uncle passed away a few months ago, and left him a small inheritance. We can't change or way of life, but it does help: my student loan will be paid-off by tonight, credit cards are empty, our car is now officially all ours and, best of all we will get a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! One that won't crash all the time, with high speed internet and everything! We're gonna wait for the Xmas sales, so I still have to wait, but I am drooling as I am writting this!

It's gonna change my scrapbooking life completely! I mean, I literally have to wait 5 minutes when I upload one of my layouts, and when I'm on a board, I don't comment on everything b/c it would just take too long! Ah, I can't wait!!!

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