Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 2005

So, Sean's first Halloween trick-or-treating has come and gone. What a wonderful time we had! My mom came by, and while Keith stayed home to give out candy, we went out in the gorgeous evening. Sean was having a blast walking everywhere (considering he's only been walking for 2 weeks!) and he loved going up and down the front steps of each house. He didn't care about the candy! After about 15 houses, though, the poor little guy was so exhausted he couldn't walk anymore. His legs kept buckling under him! So up in mommy's arms he went, and we went back home! He was such a happy guy, and everybody thought he was adorable in his lion costume (personnaly, I thought he was the cutest lion ever, but that's just me, LOL). I can't believe we gave out 120 treat bags this year! Last year was our first Halloween in this house, so we counted how many kids came by to get an idea... 100 kids exactly. So, this year, I figured we'd make little bags full of candies and chocolate bars. I figured 120 would be enough. Turns out we could've easily given out 200!! It's a good thing we buy a bag or two of Halloween candy as soon as they start selling them, it gives us time to stock up without going bankrupt!!


keith said...

Didn't know you had gotten into the blogging thing. He's so cute!. kiss him for me ... DH.

~Caro~ said...

Awwww so cute!!! The cutest little lion ever! Great pages in the future ;)

Keith didn't go with you? I'm always surprised when I hear of dads that stay at home. Sylvain did the same thing: Nancy and Gabriel came with us but he stayed home to hand out candy.
My thoughts: we'll have plenty of years to hand out candy when the kids are older. Hey, I probably have 8 years left of my kids trick-or-treating, I'm enjoying it LOL!
Steph is devastated each year because he can't come with us cause he's working. So whenever he has the opportunity (like this year, WOOHOO!!) he comes with us!! (OK, that and the fact that if I had passed without him, I would've been alone watching 7 kids!! Etienne brought 4 of his friends with us LOL)

Love your pumpkin!!! Awesome work!!

I posted some pics on my blog too!