Monday, March 01, 2010

What a day!

First it was this. What an exciting game! Both teams played great. And my fellow Canadians made me proud when they cheered team USA, particularly Miller. No booing from us. Go World!

The Next One, with the Golden Goal!

Then the ceremonies. I cried. I always cry. I love the Olympic games. Some people may roll their eyes at me, but love that for a few weeks, the World comes together. I love to cheer with the winners, grieve with the losers. I love the pride we get to wear on our sleeves. I love the Olympics!

And of course, Joannie, the flag bearer. What strength she showed. She made her mother proud, no doubt. She made us proud. I lost my dad 2 days after the birth of my daughter. I wanted him to be there to share in the joy. Her circumstances were different, but I still identified with her. We all did, in a way. She won the bronze, and to us she is golden.

Thank you World!
Thank you Canada!


Kristie said...

A beautiful tribute to magnificent games. Canada did the world proud!

Joanna said...

Go Canada! That was definitely the best hockey game I've ever seen!

Marie-Pr├ęcieuse said...

You may cry while watching the Olympics, I cried while reading your post. I also cried watching Joannie, And I have to say I also cried when I watched Miss Doubtfire.... ;) It's so sad that it's already over. :(

Teri said...

My sentiments exactly! :)