Monday, March 15, 2010

My layout is featured on!!

Francine contacted me after seeing my "Arts & Craps" layout in the Two Peas gallery. She asked if she could feature it on the Craft Gossip blog. Of course, love that blog! Thanks Francine! Here's the link:

Before I go, I *must* tell you about a conversation I had with Kira this morning. She woke up and I said:
C: "Did you sleep well?"
K: "Yes. But I had a pwoblem."
C: "What was your problem?"
K: "There was a monster at the end of my bed."
C: "Really? So what happened?"
K: "Oh, it's okay. It was a tickle monster. It tickled me and I laughed!"

Love that girl!

Thanks for stopping by♥


juliescrapbook said...

That's great, congrats!! Such an adorable page!!!

Diana said...

so, so fun! That layout cracks me up!! You've got one FUNNY little girl! :)

Nathalie said...

Congrats!!! I love Craft Gossip too! And your little girl is SO cute! I love how you remember to write those funny things they say and wished I had done so sooner with my kids...