Friday, February 05, 2010

Develop On Fridays Lesson Two :: Under the Influence

This week's lesson from the Develop on Fridays workshop at Paislee Press was to make a list of our different artistic inspirations. You know, painters, works of art, photographers, etc. Then we had to analyze it and see what draws us to these. We then had to be inspired by them for our photograph.

To be honest with you, I don't pay attention to art all that much. I see something I like, I look it over and that's it. I move on. So this was quite a challenge. In the end, I realized only two artists stayed on my mind: Norman Rockwell and Mélanie Louette.

I love Norman Rockwell's paintings. After looking at them more attentively, I realized that although most depict something fun about childhood, there is also a melancholy about them. I can't figure out why it seems that way to me, but that's what I see.

As for Mélanie, scrapbooker extraordinaire, I love her black and white photographs.

I didn't know what my picture was going to be. I was hoping to be inspired at the right moment. That's exactly what happened. When we were out at the restaurant, my daughter was having an ice cream sundae. She was also not feeling so well due to an ulcer in her mouth. What is more childlike than a sundae? Yet, the melancholy comes through due to her pain. I tried working on my black and white, but Im not really happy with it. More work to come for me!

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Barb said...

That's a great photo... your black and white conversion brings out all the details without having the colours distract from the emotion. Great work!

melanie said...

Well thanks Claude, for that amazing compliment! I'm embarrassed that I didn't see this the other day when I posted a comment above. I came back to see if you were indeed the Claude who won the give-away on CZ's blog... :)