Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kira is 3!

We had a party for Kira's 3rd birthday, and she had a blast!
I had told her that people would start arriving after lunch, so she waited impatiently.
She kept asking: "Are my people here yet?" :)
Everyone arrived pretty much at the same time.
Bella with her 2 boys.
JJ and André with their 2 kids.
Erin and Mark with their 2 boys.
Antonietta and Joe with their 2 kids.
Sophie and Yves with their 2 boys.
Mr Beauregard, Keith's dad.
Even Caro and Béa managed to get away from hockey practices and games for a few hours!
If you count Keith, Sean, Kira and myself, there were 13 kids and 13 adults!
Unfortunately, Noémi couldn't join us due to chicken pox in her family :(
That was the only sad part of the day.

So, do you want to see the birthday girl?
Here she is:

How about the cake?
I know you want to see the cake!
My awesome friend Bella made the cake, I am beyond thrilled of how it turned out!
The cake was purple because when I asked Kira what kind of cake she wanted, she simply said: "purple!"
So purple it was!
There was buttercream icing as well as cream cheese icing.
Dora's skirt is a chocolate cake.
The lollipops were actually made by Bella; she made them out of fondant!
Isn't that amazing?!
They are yummy, btw ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of Kira blowing out her candles and no good pics of her eating the cake.
All of them are blurry...
I need a 50mm lens.
Anyway, this is her shoving her icing-covered fingers in her mouth:

So what did she get?
Bella got her a makeup kit, which she used as soon as everyone left!
JJ got her an art set which she used as soon as she was done with the makeup set.
Erin got her a doctor's set which was used later to make sure the Wonder Pets plush toys that Keith and I gave her were healthy (we gave them the H1N1 flu shot!)
Mr Beauregard gave her a Kai-Lan t-shirt and a "Barbie pediatrician" set.
Sophie gave her a pink cash-register, complete with a scanner and credit cards.
This was the hit of the day with both my kids!
Caro gave her a "My Little Pony" set, which was a hit with mommy!
Joe and Antoinette gave her "Toupie et Binou" pyjamas, which she's wearing right now as well as a Disney Princesses set of night light, sleeping bag and pillow.

To say she was spoiled would be an understatement!
Thanks everyone!!


salme said...

Happy Birthday, Kira!

I love the cake!

Isabelle said...
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Isabelle said...

Happy birthday again Kira!
thanks for having us over the boys had a blast! Brady told me 2 more times after we left how much he had fun! Charlie has not put that elephant down for one second, it is permanently glued in his arms!LOL!

Isabelle said...
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Ann Costen said...

Happy belated birthday Kira! Wow, she looks so grown up. Awesome cake by Isa!!!